Battle-tested mobile app template for founders who value their time

Spend weeks reinventing the wheel or pay a freelancer $10k+ for doing the job. Or get your mobile app up and running in no time at a fraction of the cost with our unbeatable app template.

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Help your users understand how your app works and encourage them to continue using it


Flexible authentication options, including email/password, SMS/OTP, and third-party services, make it easy to secure your app


Start making revenue with flexible subscription plans, including ongoing monthly and yearly options and one-time lifetime deals


Modern and minimist home screen designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, with clear and concise labels and navigation elements


Allows your users to customize and manage various aspects of their experience within your app including account datas, notification, language and theme

smooth experience

Offer a smooth user experience within your app with effective data management techniques such as caching, fetching, and synchronization.
You can even use your app in a submarine !

Enhanced UI elements

Collection of advanced user interface components that you can use to create visually appealing and intuitive app interfaces

Multiplatform internationalization and resources

Share translations and resources such as images across multiple platforms. Do it once and then use them on multiple platforms, saving time and effort

Modern tools and architecture

We've designed this boilerplate with SOLID principles and clean architecture in mind to give you a high-quality app starter that's scalable, resilient, and ready for the future

focus on what really matters – refining and perfecting your app's unique features

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What's included in the price?

A GitHub repository built on Kotlin Multiplatform mobile (KMM), a powerful tool that enables code sharing across multiple platforms while still using native technology. This repository is designed to help you quickly and easily bring your ideas to fruition.

Who built this?

My name is Louis and I'm the developer behind this project. With over 6 years of experience in mobile app development, I've worked with clients across a variety of industries. However, I found that when it came to building apps for my own ideas, I was often wasting time recreating basic features like onboarding, authentication, paywalls, and theming. That's why I created this repository.

Why choose KMM?

Unlike other technologies that abstract or replace platform-specific app development, Kotlin Multiplatform is compatible with existing platform-specific technologies and is meant to replace platform-agnostic business logic. It's a new tool to add to your toolbox rather than a replacement for it.

Who is this boilerplate for?

Whether you're new to Kotlin Multiplatform mobile (KMM) technology and want to learn about it and modern architecture, or you're an experienced developer looking to quickly bring your ideas to life, this repository is for you.

Put your energy into what matters most – enhancing and refining the unique features of your app

Skip the tedious task of building from scratch and focus on what really matters – refining and perfecting your app's unique features.Try it out today and see just how much time you can save!

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